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Hi there! I’m Sylvia. I was born in Santa Monica, CA but moved to Las Vegas when I was 11 months old making me more Vegas than California. I have an older brother who introduced me to rock when I was about 10. Pretty sure he wanted to scare me as I was a teeny bopper at the time but I was HOOKED! No surprise as my earliest memories are of watching the music videos for Heart Shaped Box and Black Hole Sun as a toddler and also being hooked. 

Fast forward to 2009 where I began interning at KOMP, then landing a spot on Saturday mornings in 2010. I’ve interviewed musicians such as Slash, Zakk Wylde, Pat Carney from The Black Keys, and Matt Schultz from Cage the Elephant just to name a few.
I enjoy margarita(s), I’m more of an indoor cat than outdoor cat, I follow a bunch of random dachshund accounts on Instagram, I graduated from UNLV, and solid chance I have gothy tendencies.
Join me weekdays from 10a to 2p! And I’m on the socials – X / Twitter, Instagram and Threads @itsthesylvia