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Wed, Whack or ... for February 29th

by KOMP Morning Show posted Feb 29 2012 4:04AM
George Clooney's Gals

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02/28/2012 4:05PM
Wed, Whack or ... for February 29th
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02/29/2012 6:07AM
Can I keep em all and whack myself?
02/29/2012 6:08AM
Holy moly!!!!!! Wed elisabetta because wow!!! Fornicate with sara because shes already in position and wack stacy because thats how the game is played. But id love them all!!!
02/29/2012 6:23AM
wed elisabetta, just look at her, wack the keibler elf and fornicate the hell out sarah starting doggy style like that pic
02/29/2012 6:59AM
Wed Stacy so I can have that anytime I want. Fornicate Elisabetta just for fun and whack Sarah since she looks like shes waiting for the next guy in line to bang her.
02/29/2012 8:22AM
Just F them all, get a four sum on....
02/29/2012 11:24AM
Not fair
Not fair at all
02/29/2012 12:43PM
Since I can't actually have any of them...Whack, Whack,WHACK!!!
03/01/2012 10:04AM
Well now
Wed Stacy, forn Sarah, whack elisabetta which is a total waste but 1 has to go
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