Hi, I’m Dennis Huff… the radio DJ that makes smart ass comments in between songs, 7PM to Midnight Monday thru Friday on KOMP 92.3.

I started my career in radio in Phoenix at 98KUPD before coming to Las Vegas. My first concert was Whitesnake and Motely Crue in Phoenix, I was 12 years old and told the guys from KUPD I would be working there one day. They smiled and gave me a shirt! Pantera, Slayer, AC/DC, SRV, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Korn, Ozzie, Guns and Roses, Godsmack, Soundgarden and Pelvic Meatloaf are some of my favorite artist. I am a huge Vegas Golden Knights fan!

Happy Hour… you will find me sipping a Sky Vodka, water with lime followed by a nice serving of wings or pizza. One thing I love about the Vegas music scene is there are famous musicians who support up and coming musicians by attending their show. When I am off the air you will find me loving the outdoors man! Swimming, shooting, grilling, camping, ATVs, boating, fishing… LOVE IT ALL. I love living in Las Vegas with my family and our endless list of pets. The charities I support are three squares, wounded warrior and Southern Nevada Pug Rescue.

My favorite quote: “Try to be a better person today than you were yesterday”.