Hi I’m Gooch, your seriously attractive drive time on air host on KOMP Monday thru Friday 2PM to 6PM. After High School I came directly to Lotus to be on the radio!

I love bands like Alice in chains, Bad Religion, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen. Everyone on Earth knows I’m a devout Cleveland Browns fan and of course Ohio State. My first concert was Hootie and the Blowfish… I drug my poor Dad to that show.

My favorite happy hour drink is Bud Light. One thing I love about the Las Vegas Music scene is how tight knit everyone is in supporting each other. When I am off the air I hangout with my wife, 3 dogs and one cat. You can find me doing stand up up comedy all around Vegas and I spend time support animal and children charities.

My favorite quote: “Nobody owes you sh*t!”.


3 thoughts on “Gooch

  1. Gooch, you were flipping HILARIOUS Friday night. My friends and I wanted to take a picture with you but we didn’t see you outside. Hope to see you perform again soon!!!

  2. Gooch – Great verbal tribute to Neil Peart the other day…until you followed it up with ‘Working Man’…you understand that was released before Neil was part of the band. In other words, he didn’t play the drums on that track.

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