KOMP Retro Videos

We will be adding some KOMP Retro Videos to entertain you and perhaps some will shock you!

From 13 years ago…anyone remember this?


Flyleaf performs Broken Wings from 2013

Carlota and Hinder from 2008!

Apocalyptica come to the KOMP Lobby to do a Metallica cover (from 2008)

From a decade ago, Carlota at the Tequila festival.

Syliva from 8 years ago, throwing out the 1st pitch.  Do you think she throws a strike?

From 2007, Carlota with Lacey Mosley at that time with Flyleaf

From 2010, Laurie Steele talks with Steven Adler about G&R and more:

Duff from G & R, fighter Frank Trigg and Carlota all got in a room together 11 years ago…

A decade ago, Gooch had the ultimate hair, what a magnificent flow.  Take a ride with Gooch…

Back to 2008, a contest was held at the Hard Rock Hotel, ah doesn’t it seem like it was yesterday/

From 2007, Fuel coming in to perform in the KOMP Lobby.

Check out Carlota’s interview with FFDP’s Chris Kael from back in 2013, talking about his experience recording with Rob Halford and more…

This is Chris Cornell when he was in at KOMP in 2007.