Waterpark worker gets drunk, turns wave machine to full power

Everyone remembers to old radio standard promo quip, “TURN IT UP AND RIP THE KNOB OFF!”

Yeah, that was pretty standard radio fare for a few decades and decidedly so… it was great to crank Metallica up as loud as possible and then destroy your own radio.

Turns out this same advice is bad if you operate a wave pool machine.

A Chinese water park worker got drunk and decided to max out the wave pool machine to 11 because being drunk is a reason.

If you think there was pee in that pool before the man-made tidal wave, I can guarantee you they needed extra chlorine afterwards:

No word yet on what happened to the Chinese party-bro that decided to go all “Castaway” on these people swimming but with it being China and all, one can only assume he’s serving a life sentence in a dark hole somewhere.


~Jeremy Long / KOMP 92.3FM