With her Box Lunch at Noon, and her ‘Freaks’ feature, she keeps your work day rockin…

Q&A with Carlota:

1) What habit have you broken that you are most proud of? Cigarettes and cold turkey too.. Hardest thing I’ve ever quit.

2) Ever taken dance lessons? Yes, in fact I almost pursued a career in dance.

3) Ever tipped a cow? No, But I’ve eaten one. Does that count?

4) If you could be named after a city, state or country what would you pick? Belize. That just sounds badass.

5) Your biggest hero? My Dad.

6) time travel-past or present-past, but not Civil War times because I wouldnt understand a damn thing they re saying ” 4 Score and 7 years..” WHATTTT???, So Id choose the 70’so I could go see Zeppelin and Queen in concert

7) Perfect Pizza – Thin crust loaded with bacon, pineapple and jalapeños (NO for the millionith time IM NOT A VEGETARIAN)

8) Been Pulled over by a cop? Yes, recently actually. I like fast cars, what can I say?

9) My heritage? I’m a mutt-Puerto Rican, Italian with some Cherokee Indian and French sprinkled in there.

10) First waking thought this morning? Coffee. Always coffee.

11) First car accident? I was on PCH in Laguna Beach CA, driving my 1976 Datsun 280z. That car was so BAD ASS!