B.S. in the Morning

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Weekdays 5A – 9A

Vegas’ most talked about morning show features Brittney and Sparks (the ‘B’ and the ‘S’, respectively) and their pal Dug doing what normal people do in the morning, only with more BS.

Don’t drink and drive… but do drink and drunk dial the BS Drunk Line: 702-315-3006

We play your messages back on Monday mornings 6:10 and 8:10 and every week best message wins tix.

So start dialing! …the BS Drunk Line, not your ex – you never win with that.


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  • Joy Hunter

    I liked Britney’s clickety clock. I voted for her day light saving time invention.

  • Brandon Cason


  • Lainey Gafford

    I can’t stand Brittney’s voice or laugh – especially her laugh. She needs to go. In fact – I have a good friend who is a DJ on another radio station (who has a morning show) and he called me to tell me to listen in and see what I thought about it and her annoying voice and laugh. I like Sparks and Dug – but she is a perfect example of nepotism at it’s finest. Word………

  • Bryan Casey

    Instead of “How many fingers am I holding up?” (which is arguably lame), you should play “How many of Sparks’ fingers is Brittney pulling?” You could add sound effects to help gauge how many she’s pulling, how hard she’s tugging, duration, etc.

  • Jared Olroyd

    Hey thanks for the tickets brittnay Doug and sparks. Had a great time. The seats were almost front row. And got to meet Corey Taylor. Got to sit a few seats away from him. It was amazing. Thank you guys

  • Jared Olroyd

    Chilling with Corey Taylor

    • ICANROCK89120

      Which ones Corey Taylor ? Is that Toby Keith?

  • Rena M

    This afternoon Komp 92.3 Las Vegas played a drunk call in which a man under the influence had left a message on the voicemail of a woman he’d just met. In the message he was propositioning said woman for sex, which was not only disrespectful, but a poor example of healthy male/female relationships. I was taken back by the content. Out of respect for the community, KOMP 92.3 should strongly reconsider airing “Drunk Line” without a warning. “Drunk Line” normalizes and encourages drug use, promiscuity, and paints folks living degenerate lifestyles as somehow entertaining. I kept thinking how easily a child could’ve been exposed. It may be wise to do away with encouraging dangerous habits and such. If you must, why not a private section on the website where adults can access the show? I’m sure some calls are funny, and am all for freedom of expression but truly its too easy for kids to be exposed to people busing their bodies and minds with drugs and being blatantly disrespectful when it’s aired so casually.

  • Red Menace

    Fake prank calls. Listen to the supposed guys calling in these prank calls, they all sound the same, every single day they all sound the same, the woman also sound the same.


    I was forcing myself to listen to this garbage every morning in my work van because someone stole the antenna and this was one of the few stations that came in, so the more I listened the more I noticed it was just bad actors and scripts.

    It’s pure garbage.

  • Drgnwatcher

    Love your show guys

  • Ryan

    I have the best way to get Steven’s name. The wheel has not been respected so everyone must spin. Brittany spins once for the better, dug spins for the explosive poop, Greg 2 spins for messing up 2 times, sparks 3 spins for the commandment, the trial, and walking out on greg. Steven for starting this whole thing and he either spins or gives up the name. The 5th man as well for being part of this. Spin random people at Las register.

  • Ryan

    The 5th man can spin at Las rageous