Kirk Hammett on Metallica’s album: Hardwired…To Self-Destruct

With Metallica’s “WorldWired Tour” for their latest album, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, underway, guitarist Kirk Hammett recently sat down with Mexico’s RMX radio.

During the interview, Hammett spoke about the intention behind their latest album. “I think going into this, the attitude was that we were gonna make something that was similar in attitude to the attitude that was on ‘Kill ‘Em All’. That was the idea going into it, at the beginning. Of course, we’re not gonna write another ‘Kill ‘Em All’.”

“The end result is where we kind of ended up after writing all that type of music. This album is a pretty accurate representation of just where our heads are at musically and what we are interested in playing.”

He also discussed specific themes within the band’s lyrics from different albums. “I think as far as emotional awareness and emotional intelligence goes, we’ve grown quite a bit — especially in terms of us just being aware of different emotional states of mind and how we all just kind of occupy different states of mind all the time.”

The North American leg of their tour begins on May 10 in Baltimore, Maryland and concludes on August 16 in Edmonton, Canada.

by: Helen Yee | @HelenYeeSports

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