Greg Graffin on Bad Religion’s upcoming milestone and album

by: Helen Yee | @HelenYeeSports

Greg Graffin, the lead vocalist of Bad Religion, recently released Millport, his new solo album. While promoting it, he spoke to Loudwire about Bad Religion’s plans for another album and a big milestone coming up: their 40th anniversary.

The legendary punk rock band formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, California. They have sold over five million albums worldwide and have released sixteen studio albums. They are also known to be one of the most successful punk rock bands of all time.

Graffin stated that the band has no plans of slowing down and their 40th anniversary celebration will be in 2020. “There’s no end in sight. In fact, in two-and-a-half years, there’s a very important 40th anniversary milestone. Another album is on the horizon, but True North was such a good album that I don’t want to put out something that indicates we’re aging, so it’s gotta be as good as True North.”

Though there’s no set date on when the album will be released, he hopes it’s before their milestone. “We do plan on getting another record out there, hopefully before that 40th anniversary.”

Graffin explained why it may take some time before it’s out. “As you get older you want to put stuff out that’s of higher quality than what came before it. Our last album, ‘True North,’ that was a benchmark for us. It was a fantastic album and surprisingly set a new standard for Bad Religion that we’re going to have to do better than.” ‘True North’ was released in 2013.

Bad Religion returns to Las Vegas on Saturday, May 27.

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